Ange Porté

My painting,
The pleasure of playing with colours and light,
Transcribing emotions to embellish your daily life

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About Ange Porté

My name is Angel Porté. I am a contemporary painter passionate about abstract art.

Introduced to art from an early age by my father himself a painter, I was always attracted to drawing and colors so well that this subject taught in school was my favorite. I have rather evolved in a world of figurative painting and I admit that at that time, I did not understand abstract painting very well. This frame was essential for me because it taught me the basics of drawing and painting. And I think I would have been unable to paint as I do today without that starting point.

Later, caught up in the need for a stable source of income, I then for a long time ignored and put my passion aside. It was after a burnout a few years ago now that the desire to express myself through art resurfaced. Since then, I have never left the brushes.

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Why am I painting?

Painting gives me enormous well-being. In the past, I have painted figurative canvases, but it is in abstract art that I flourish the most because it allows great freedom and expression without constraint.

Nature is a great source of inspiration and I particularly love to paint the beauty of the universe in the broadest sense, in a more abstract expression, thus giving free rein to my imagination and my emotions.

When I start a painting, I let my emotions express themselves and I myself am often surprised by the result. 

For me, painting must be synonymous with cheerfulness and a painting must help to make a room pleasant and harmonious.

My works are unique pieces and I work with acrylic paint.

The choice of acrylic paint is very personal. The colors are more vibrant and brighter for my taste. I paint mainly with a brush and a painting knife and I love to constantly explore new techniques that can sublimate a canvas.

I hope you will enjoy browsing my works as much as I did doing them.

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 In life, favorites are always pleasant. I acquired two of your paintings this way. I'm waiting for the third one.

Jean P


I like the movement and the colours that are put on the canvas. The rendering is much more beautiful in real life. I am fully satisfied with my purchase.

Marie C